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How To Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

Article by Danny Rhoades
"Planning a destination wedding can be an exciting and romantic way to start your life together. It’s an opportunity to combine your wedding and honeymoon into one grand trip, which can save you money if you have your heart set on a particular location. However, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Before announcing your plan to have a destination wedding, there are several things you and your partner need to discuss. First, set a budget and create a guest list. Choose your wedding party and set a wedding date that is at least nine months away from the time you start planning to minimize the stress of feeling rushed. Planning will be easier 


if you know the answer to several questions from the beginning:

  1. What are the legal requirements to make your union official in the area or country where you are getting married?
  2. Are your passports current (if traveling to another country)?
  3. What other events, such as the rehearsal dinner or bachelor/bachelorette parties, will take place on location?

Once you agree on the basic details, consider hiring a wedding planner. While it may be tempting to skip this step to save money, an experienced planner can help you with every detail, from booking your travel to finding fantastic local vendors. This is particularly important if your planner is familiar with the customs and regulations in the place you have chosen to tie the knot."

Communication is key when it comes to planning a destination wedding. Your wedding planner can help you create an affordable and useful wedding website that anyone can access when they have questions. As your guest list for the actual event is likely to be small, you may want to showcase a local event or two to give those who are not coming to the wedding an opportunity to celebrate with you. The website should allow guests to RSVP so that you have all the information you need about whom to expect.

Another advantage of having a wedding website is that you can list your registries there. This is convenient for everyone, regardless of which events they’re attending, but it is especially helpful for those going to the wedding itself. They can simply order online and have the gift shipped directly to you instead of having to include it when they’re packing.

Finally, the wedding website is a great place to give guests more information about your destination. You can include a checklist and itinerary for those traveling to the location as well as a list of festive spots they may want to explore on their own.

Enjoying Your Destination Wedding

Although a wedding in a different location takes a little more forethought, it is well worth the effort and expense. With a little extra planning, your destination wedding can be everything you dreamed it could be.